I am offering mini sessions a few times a year.

Cost: $25 sitting fee/retainer fee. This fee reserves your spot and is non-refundable.

Digital images and prints or products are purchased separately from the sitting fee. Digital images will be offered at a reduced price of 5 for $175, 10 for $275 or the entire gallery for $350 (15+ images).  

Once you sign up, the contract and invoice will be sent to you. Please pay the invoice within 48 hours of receiving it. TIME SLOT IS NOT RESERVED UNTIL IT IS PAID FOR.

Book a full session with me if you think 15 minutes may not be long enough.

If you have any questions, call/text me at 315-400-1540 or email me at

February 12, 2022

For Saturday, Feb 12 we will be doing sessions at my studio in Manlius.  We will have 2-3 set ups, some just for kids and some for adults and kids.  If you have little ones, bring your red lipstick to kiss their cheeks and get some adorable pictures of them!

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March 12 – B/W Personality minis

For Saturday, March 12 we will be doing black and white personality portraits.  These are some of my absolute favorite sessions and I have these portraits of my own kids blown up in my house.  When you take out the color, kids personalities really shine through!

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April 23 – Pets & Kids minis!

Bring your pets or your kids, or your pets and kids, and get some great portraits of them!  As always, these sessions can be used for anything – adults are always welcome to join in.  

We will have indoor set ups and possible an outdoor one as well depending on the weather!  



For Sunday, May 22, we are doing mommy & me/ spring minis at the studio.  We will have 2-3 set ups with flowers and pastel colors.  If weather allows, we will have an outdoor set up as well with our wooden arbor.



For Saturday, June 4th, we are doing daddy and me minis!  We will have these outside if the weather permits.  These will be fun sessions that aim to capture the relationships of dads with their kids!  We’ll do some traditional, smiling at the camera poses, but we’ll also try to capture more action shots as well – superhero poses, tickling, tossing kids in the air, jumping, snuggling, etc!.