How to select a photographer

I'm going to explain a few things to my clients. Feel free to share this if you think it would help someone else. In the world of photography, there are typically 2 types of business models we photographers use. The first is "shoot and burn" (s&b) and the...

Senior Photography

Senior Photography

This time of year brings about major change not only in the weather and foliage but also in the lives of many students and parents alike. Graduating seniors are preparing for their last summer before they pack up and ship out to college. An entire other group of students are chomping at the bit to be the top dogs in school as new seniors.

Studio Yearbook

A studio yearbook session is $50 and includes a 15-20 minute session at my studio in Manlius.  All photos will be presented unedited in an online gallery for you to choose your favorite(s) from.

For those that want the full senior session, collections start at $200 for 45 minute sessions at locations within 10 miles of Manlius, NY.  Studio yearbook clients receive $25 off the full session collection of their choosing.