Meet Your Photographer

My photography is much more about you and your connections with each other than me, but just so you know who you’re working with, here’s some info about me! I grew up in northern IL and graduated college in 2002 with a bachelor’s in business management. Went back to...

How to select a photographer

I'm going to explain a few things to my clients. Feel free to share this if you think it would help someone else. In the world of photography, there are typically 2 types of business models we photographers use. The first is "shoot and burn" (s&b) and...
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Children & Family Photography

Children & Family Photography

It’s that time of the year. The leaves are starting to fall. The air is getting colder day by day. The daylight savings time is about to start. The malls start playing the holiday songs. The coffee shops bring back special drinks back on the menu. Eggnog, yes, definitely eggnog! All of this can mean one thing. The holidays are coming. It’s time for HOLIDAY PHOTOS. To capture the memories of fun times with your loved ones. Parents and grandparents with their family. The doting husband, the crazy-in-love boyfriend or girlfriend, or with the cute pooch who barks happily every time s/he sees you.

Full Session

A full session includes up to 45 minutes of shooting time, including up to 8 people, at a location of your choosing within 10 miles of Manlius, NY.

The basic collection includes 10 digital images with a print release, and time and talent of photographer. Larger collections and a la carte prints also available.

Starting at $200 for basic collection.            Retainer fee $50