Photography! The joy of capturing moments to preserve them for eternity. To create memories that we can look back at and enjoy. A family gathering around the fireplace. Flipping through the photo album. Adults giggling about their baby’s pictures. Parents seeing the ones from the baby photography sessions and remembering the joy of early parenthood. Isn’t that wonderful?

Milestone/sitter session

This is a studio or on-location session within 10 miles of Manlius. These sessions typically last 30 minutes and are meant to capture milestones in baby’s first year (4 months, 6 months, 9 months) when they start smiling or can sit up on their own. You will have full access to studio props, headbands, diaper covers, bonnets, hats, etc.

Cake smash session

A cake smash session is a 45-minute studio session that includes “formal” photos, cake smash photos, and an optional bubble bath at the end. The client also has access to all studio props, headbands, hats, bonnets, outfits, etc. The cake is NOT included.